I’ve always called the city home. For three generations, the blood running through my veins has been fueled by impenetrable crowds, blaring lights, and never ending noise. As a kid prowling the streets of Manhattan, every block offered up its secrets. Dirty bodegas, dirty movie theaters, hidden record shops, clubs blasting the loudest music imaginable, a character around every corner. 

We were kids killing time and looking for a piece of raw freedom that only New York City could offer. You learned to watch your back, vibrating with the electricity of the street, all while pretending like it didn’t phase you.

My dad used to tell me “Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Worry about what you’re doing."  Do your thing and forget about ‘em.

Do or Die is our creative manifestation of those amazing times in an amazing city, and while it has cleaned up since then, this work is a reminder you gotta get a little dirty to live the life you want.


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